Project Cost as per RDPP

Estimated Project Cost (as per Final Design):

BDT 30,1933.7 Million or,
USD 3.868 Billion (Including VAT and IT)

Project Cost Summary (2nd Revised DPP)

Work Component DPP Cost in BDT (Million)
i) Main Bridge 12,1333.93
ii) Approach Roads 12km with Toll Plaza and SA- 2 1,9076.77
iii) River Training Works (RTW)- 13.8km 9,4000.0
iv) Resettlement 1,5150.0
v) Land Acquisition- 2693.21 hectors 2,6987.3
vi) Environment 1290.3
vii) Consultancy 6783.7
viii) Others (Salary, Transport, CD VAT and Tax, PoE, Physical and Price Contingency, Interest etc.) 1,7311.7
  Total Cost= 30,1933.7